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(745) 236-5212, +17452365212, +1 745-236-5212


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  • 7 months ago

    Individuals wanting you to lie about getting a fund or grant to attend college. They coach you on the answers to questions that are suppose to be answered by the college. Then after that guy coaches you, another one comes on the line and he goes over with the answers with you. Then you are connected to a legitimate college and the lady asks you if you have been coached in any way and I answered yes. She apologized and said good day. The men then called me back and wanted to know why I told the truth. They told me I was a liar and was a waste of their time. I don't know what the catch is behind this except to defraud the college's out of their grants & funds, but I am not lying to anymore to obtain anything dishonestly. They are friendly at first but if you don't play ball, look out they turn vicious. Definitely a scam!

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