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  • 4 months ago

    They claimed to be Chase bank auto loaners cause I just financed a vehicle, what they didn’t know is the car dealership already told me Chase would be *mailing* me a “Welcome” letter with further instructions on what the next step would be with monthly payments. The weird woman on the phone wanted my personal info to “verify” it was me they were talking to and wanted my card info for a payment, but I had a hunch. So I hung up and called chase myself and they said it wasn’t them! It takes them 2-3 weeks to even process my info and create a finance account after purchasing a vehicle and they don’t do payments over the phone like that, and that I needed to wait for their letter in the mail to begin anything!

  • 2 months ago

    After receiving multiple calls from this number and letting it go to voicemail, I called back to learn that is was Chase Auto Loan contacting me. They asked for the reference number which was never left on my voicemail, in fact no messages were left. The gentleman I spoke with then proceeded to ask for my Social Security number. I refused to give it to them & he went on to say that they would not be able to verify the information with out it. He also mentioned something about a dealer inquiry. After hearing that & questioning it I decided to end the call. Funny thing is we did recently finance a vehicle but with a different lender who has nothing to do with "Chase Auto". I'm chalking this up to a scam. I could be wrong, but better safe than sorry. If there is anything to be concerned about with my loan, I'm certain I will receive a letter in the mail.

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