Broken Lightning Cable Replacement Tip

  • Amy

Anyone find the lightning cable apple provides breaks too quick? I am a huge Apple fan and own multiple products. It is quite frustrating to discover the lightning cable breaks at least yearly. At one point I end up buying other brands to try to save cost but after I discovered Apple will replace them free of charge I fully took advantage of that. As mentioned since I own many Apple products, I just us the newest gadget I got and bring into store with serial number along with my older lightning cable for the free replacement. 

You have usually a year of warranty but don’t freak if it is a tad over because they will do it for free. When I discovered one don’t work, I hand on to it till I buy a new product and it works like a charm. Once the newer products changes the charging port, I will not be so happy with all my old broken lightning cables. Maybe Apple should coat these cables in thicker plastic or metal. 
Another common issue is these cables are way too short. Who wants to be limited to sit next to the outlet. It could be resolved with a battery bank or purhcasing a longer wire which I have but even so my lightning cable still breaks on a yearly basis.