iCloud Yah or Nay?

  • Amy
Should you pay for additional iCloud storage? The cloud has been referred to as the strategy for the next 10 years and clearly it has become Apple’s key features across all of it’s devices. Now the option is great but is it worth paying for? Can you just store this on your local drive instead?
There is always two side of the story, you will find those who tell you it is worth every penny and those who swear that is such a waste of money. I think for you to determine if it is worth your while you have to assess your needs. Are you storing lots of pictures and videos? Do you want to be able to view it on the go? If you are the type to not look back often you might be okay viewing on your local drive but if you are the ones who like to look at it over and over again maybe it might be worth it. Some say with the cloud even if something bad happens to your computer at least it is backed up where it is up and safe on the cloud. Look at all your options and determine it is something you are willing to pay for. I personally like the convience of having access to my photo across all my devices. Makes life a bit eaiser.